Vintage scooter ride to a vintage trailer home show

John, Rob, and Anthony rode there Spanish Lambretta’s to
Waxahachie, Texas to meet up with Daniel, riding a Spanish
Lambretta at a vintage Trailer Home show.

The trailer home show was cool, but we really went for the
long scooter ride on country road in Waxahachie.

This 1968 Serro Scotty, vintage trailer home was fully restored.
It was the best one at the show.

What’s a scooter ride, without some broken down scooters. We pulled over to find out 
where we lost the scooters. Both scooters were Vespa.
That’s the reason I love riding Lambretta’s, they are more reliable, haha.
Just joking.

Daniel and Leila Smith, put together this scooter ride. They also put on the 
North Texas Lakes Rally every year. Its one of the best camping scooter rallies, in Texas.
We rode our Lambretta’s over a 100 miles trouble free. The only problem 
Rob and Anthony had, was John Council, airing out that ocher Lambretta 200, 
leaving us behind. I was riding a 150, and lets just say, Rob is a big boy 
on that Performer 200.
We were flying, all the way to Waxahachie, and passed a
couple on motorcycles out for a Saturday ride. That was fun.

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